My Gold Jewellery – Is it Worth More Today?

When I wrote gold worth around $ 630 our one ounce. Since August 2005, the price of gold has increased from US $ 447 which represents a 43% increase in defeat.

So yes, your jewelry must be worth a little more if made of gold. Silver has also increased.

However, don’t forget that gold in your jewelry is made of gold alloy. That means that other metals, are usually less expensive, mixed with pure gold to make rust.

Chinese people like to buy jewelry made of 9 carat gold price per gram Australia Arabic regency prefer 22 carats of gold, but the whole world likes 9 carats that are most widely used in Australia and both in the UK, 14 carats and 18 carats used in US and Europe.

Let’s look at important factors for your jewelry price. If your gold jewelry is made of nine yellow gold rust then only has 37.5 percent of gold in it, if it’s 14 carats, it only has 58.5 percent of the original gold in it.

Now understand that the average woman’s ring might have 2.5 grams of gold in it and at the current retail level that might be worth saying, $ 30 per gram. So if gold rose 50% further then gold in the ring you won’t rise 50% because it is a alloy and not pure gold, and there is only a little gold on the ring so that your $ 600 ring might be worth $ 30 or more.

Jewelry is given a price not only the cost of gold content and costs even precious stones but also the difficulty of producing it, and the design and brand name manufacturer.

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