Guide to The Different Types of Vape Devices for Beginners

Are you considering buying your first vaping device but do not know how to start? There are several options for you to begin with. They can be overwhelming initially, especially if you are a beginner to the market’s vaping experience. However, this post will give you an insight into the different devices you can use for vaping so that you can have an enjoyable experience with it.

Know the different vape devices available in the market today

If you check the market, you will find there are five different types of vape devices available in the market. They are-

  1. Cig-a-likes
  2. Box-mods
  3. Pod Mods
  4. Vape pens
  5. Mechanical mods

Before you buy them, you must first understand their pros and cons before you shop for them online or at your local smoke store.

  1. Cig-a-likes

When it comes to cig-a-likes, you should invest in them only if you are making an attempt to quit the habit of smoking. This vape device is simple for you to use and portable in nature. If you are fond of the lung to mouth inhalation, these devices will work for you. However, if you are searching for a vape device with a longer life span, you should not buy them.

  1. Box Mods

This vape device is bulky and large. It sports a sub-ohm tank and big batteries. Most devices available in the market allow you to view the settings for the temperature and ohmmeter. It is ideal for beginners who wish to have greater control over their vaping experience. It is perfect for those searching for a battery life that lasts long. However, if you are not keen to buy batteries for your device separately, stay away from this device as it is not for you.

  1. Pod Mods


This is similar to the cig-a-like device for vaping, except it is an updated version. It uses e-salts with nicotine and has low wattage. If you are looking for a vaping device with a high nicotine concentration, you should go in for this device. It is simple for you to use and portable in size. However, this vaping device is not suited for you if you are searching for longer battery life.


  1. Vape pens


This vaping device comes with a battery, a tank, and salient safety features that shut off automatically after some seconds. You can charge some vape pens with a USB port. If you are fond of exotic e-juice vaping liquids and searching for a vaping device that is simple and portable in size, vape pens are perfect for you. However, note they are prone to battery issues, and the e-juice might leak. So, if you do not want to stock batteries or clean tanks, stay away from this device.


  1. Mechanical pod


This vaping device is ideal for experienced users comprising of a battery, case, and an atomizer. If you are a beginner and new to vaping, experts recommend not using this device. After some vaping experience, you can test it out.


Therefore, when it comes to the purchase of vape devices, keep the above points in mind. Ensure you buy them from credible smoke stores, both online or local, with good reviews in the market.