Fraud – Account at Risk In case you Publish The Checking Account of yours and Routing Numbers Online

Our company’s fifteen year old business checking account was simply hit with many counterfeit checks being presented for payment by defrauded customers on Craig’s List. Up to now, the complete exceeds $100,000. Businesses that are smaller have sufficient dragons to slay and never have to be concerned about a “Catch Me In case you Can” counterfeiter and also crook. I’m not this crook and tom Hanks isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio – though I am hoping this article can help protect both companies and consumers.

Approximately 3 days before, the morning began with a call to the business of mine from a female in Jersey that is new informing me she’d just gotten for $4,600 as payment for an automobile she was being offered on Craig’s List. She explained the check was composed from the company of mine and was calling to find out if it was genuine. The response of mine was certainly no.

I logged onto the account of mine at and then noticed that among these counterfeit checks, this one for $3,800, had actually cleared the business account of ours. I quickly contacted Bank of America and also implemented the following:

Full dollar cost to me – zero. Bank of America actually offered to discuss virtually any and all costs I may experience returned checked.

Evidently, dependent on the half dozen calls I answered from some other routing numbers, this particular crook was attempting to purchase used automobiles from listings all around the country – from California to New Jersey to Texas – with all the prospects for the scam of his being found on Craig’s List.

Regrettably, the individuals selling the cars of theirs would be the ones at risk. Bank of America does not seem to have gotten used by all of these since they just reversed the deposit on the unsuspecting sellers that deposited the checks in faith that is great. Ideally, few if any, sellers sent the titles of theirs with the crook and also were wise adequate to hold back until the check cleared the bank and then a few.