All One Needs To Know About Their First Home Hot Yoga Studio

Coronavirus has made us rethink the way we live. It has imposed restriction on free movement and meeting friends and family members. The necessity to wear a mask whenever one steps out of the house as well as the norm of maintaining social distancing has made it hard for all to follow normal fitness routines. When it all started many gyms and yoga studios were forced to close down. Even if we are learning to live our lives following the rules of the new world it has not been possible for many to go back to gyms and yoga studios easily. There is always a fear lurking at the back of one’s mind- what if we get infected? That is why many individuals have set up their own home gyms and home hot yoga studio.

The idea of setting up a home gym is not new but when it comes to a hot yoga studio at home this sounds something incredible. Is it at all possible? Thankfully for some out of the box thinkers this is now possible. A home hot yoga studio has been invented to serve two purposes. Firstly it gives every individual the flexibility to set up their own yoga studio at home so that they can carry out with their sessions anytime and anywhere. This is one of their private spaces. Secondly, a hot yoga studio at home is a cost-effective venture for those who want to set up their yoga studio professionally. The innovative features of the same makes it possible to be set up anywhere. There is no hefty infrastructure cost involved and total freedom from any legal hassles. Those who want to practice as professional yoga instructors can consider setting up this unique home hot yoga studio with a little investment.

The home hot yoga studio is a portable immersive inflatable yoga studio that can pop up in a matter of minutes. This is designed to create a calm soothing and cocoon like space that packs the heat. The idea of hot yoga is to practice the same in a room or a space that is much heated above the normal temperatures. The inflatable hot yoga studio helps create the perfect environment for practicing home hot yoga. Not restricted by the design and shape, it can be easily carried from one place to another. So, one does not have to give up on practicing yoga any day. Most of the hot yoga domes are made up from 100 percent eco-friendly fabric. Inflating the domes is easy and does not take more than a minute. They are highly durable and is going to last one a very long time.

Purchasing a hot yoga dome is easy online. Once you have purchased the dome the company will also provide you with the necessary heating directions. The home hot yoga studio is available in three different sizes to fit the need of every individual. You can choose the is designed to comfortably fit two standard sized yoga mats, but can accommodate three if needed. If you are practicing alone then you can go for the Tiny Dome that can fit one standard sized yoga mat and is for very small spaces. Another variant is the The Compact Home Dome which is designed to comfortably fit one standard sized yoga mat, but can accommodate two.

Cleaning this personal yoga studio is also easy. You just have to use a non-toxic cleaning spray while it is inflated.