5 Simple Strategies For Planning Your New Website  

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Before you start to source a good website designer to work on your website, it’s worth thinking about the following points. If you can take action on these it will help you create a    먹튀폴리스    clearer brief your website designer and may also alert you to any questions that you hadn’t thought of asking.

Strategy Tip 1

Decide on your domain name. There are some good websites out there to use for checking domain name availability. You will also need some hosting for your website and it can be better to buy your domain name and hosting package at the same time as often the domain name is included free of charge.

Strategy Tip 2

Whatever you do, please make sure that your domain name is registered in your name and not in your website designer’s name. You need to maintain ownership of both your domain name and your website files.

Strategy Tip 3

Give your designer an idea of your requirements for the look and feel of your website design. It can help to make a note of any websites that you particularly like or dislike, along with any colours that you like and any typefaces that you particularly like.

Strategy Tip 4